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7/2017-Free 1st year ASA membership to all SkiBikers

7/2017-Scott Carr from TNGNT SkiBikes in Utah voted into the ASA Board of Directors

7/2017-Jim Weiland ASA Rep from AZ voted into the ASA Board of Directors

7/2017-Jim Cameron Voted into the ASA as Utah ASA Rep

Welcome to the

American SkiBike Association

Our Mission is to grow the sport of SkiBiking through education;

promotion of national and international amateur SkiBike competitions and events;

and increase rider safety, awareness, and improve access to ski areas for adaptive

and non-adaptive participants in the sport of SkiBiking.



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of the

American SkiBike Association


Our mission statement as well as...

  • Prepare and distribute SkiBike educational material to resorts, adaptive organizations, adaptive needs riders, and general public.

  • Conduct SkiBike rider safety improvement clinics.

  • Sanction National and International amateur SkiBike competitions and events.

  • Promote and support SkiBiking through charitable activities and donations.

  • Develop and update standardize teaching methodology and documentation.


The American SkiBike Association is here to help you...

  • Gain access to resort for all SkiBike riders, adaptive and able-bodied alike.

  • Gain knowledge to help you learn to SkiBike or to improve your riding abilities.

  • Be part of a growing community.

  • Find all the events and competitions.

  • Keep in touch with what the American SkiBike Association is doing for you.




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