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Randy Kimball Bio

I was born in the mid-west in the state of Iowa in 1967.  I grew up in small towns and farming communities until I relocated to Phoenix with my family around 1977.  I lived in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area until I left for a 4 year U.S. Army enlistment with my new wife Melanie in 1985, only 2 months after my high school graduation.  I was a Tracked Vehicle Mechanic and a Battlefield Recovery Specialist while enlisted in the Army during my 4 year enlistment. Melanie and I traveled and lived in locations such as Ft. Carson Colorado (Colorado Springs, CO), Ft. Greely Alaska (Delta Junction, AK), and Ft. Bliss Texas (El Paso, TX).  In 1989, after my 4 year Army enlistment, Melanie and I returned to Arizona and bought a small house in the Sunnyslope area of Phoenix.  Here I started collage and worked as a GM Dealership Technician while Melanie and I started our family with 1 son, Michael, born in 1992.  My first path in college was going to be an automotive degree but after several semesters into it, I changed my degree path to an AAS degree in Engineering Technology.

Only months before college graduation, Intel Corporation (a computer chip manufacturer), was looking for degreed technicians to work at their manufacturing facilities making semi-conductor computer chips. I interviewed with them and decided to take a position with Intel in one of their manufacturing facilities located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Melanie, Michael and I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in August of 1995 to start this new life together.  Working for Intel since 1995, I’ve been a Manufacturing Technician for about 1.5 years, then became a Manufacturing Shift Supervisor for about 2.5 years and finally worked as a Manufacturing Process Engineer for 12 years.  In 2011, I returned back to the manufacturing floor as a Manufacturing Technician and really enjoy working on the high tech equipment again.  During this time I became an avid skier at New Mexico and Colorado resorts and even becoming a Level 1 PSIA certified instructor in 2004 when I taught Alpine Ski at Angel Fire Resort on the weekends. I was introduced to SkiBiking at the first Durango Mountain SkiBike Festival in 2003 and SkiBiking quickly started to take over my days on the snow.  Even while getting my Alpine certification in 2004, I started to spend a lot of time on my SkiBike, a converted DH bike, working hard to identify what movements and techniques from skiing translated to the SkiBike and refining my technique of riding without footskis, on the bike pegs, a new technique that was growing here in the US.  I quickly saw an opportunity in the SkiBike industry and started selling conversion kits to convert normal bicycles into SkiBikes on the internet at in 2004.

In 2004, there were not many choices for freestyle or “peg” style bikes except Koski SkiBikes and Winter X Bike SkiBike conversion kits.  As time went on, sales grew very slowly at SkiBikeFun but they continued to grow.  I started looking at other SkiBikes available on the market as new manufacturers were starting up everywhere.  After demoing the Crighton Snowmoto at the 4th Annual Durango SkiBike Festival in 2006, I made a small purchase of 34 Crighton Snowmotos and completely sold out of them before the end of the 2006-2007 ski season.  Seeing this as a small success, Melanie and I started importing 1-2 bikes at a time from SkiBike manufacturers all over the world, demoing them and only making additional purchases and offering up what we felt was the best equipment available on the market.  While lots of the equipment was quality equipment, not all was accepted well into the SkiBike community or created general public interest here in the US.  To date, some of our most successful SkiBike lines we provide to the US market and have sold in the highest volume have been the Sledgehammer line out of Austria and the Metalworx and Crighton lines out of Japan.

While sales and growth do continue to grow year after year, Melanie and I have constantly looked for opportunities to drive more positive growth in the SkiBike industry for all retailers and manufacturers.  In 2012, Melanie and I took over ownership of the old American SkiBike Association and created a board of directors from some of the industry’s current leaders and innovators.  Until current, the American SkiBike Association had been an informational site with no plans of actions for industry growth.  Melanie and I have taken over this organization and are setting into motion SkiBike industry growth with plans of actions that include education publications, gaining ski area access for both able-bodied and adaptive need SkiBikers, promoting national and international amateur SkiBike completions and events and finally uniting the SkiBike community with ASA membership growth and members-only access to discounts and benefits.

I have a true passion for SkiBiking and growing the industry; only second to the love and passion of my family and I hope I can make solid contributions and successes to the SkiBike industry and sport.


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