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This is an on-line business membership application submission form for the American SkiBike Association. With a business membershp, you can request up to 3 personal memberships per business application.


Please fill out this form up to 3 times for up to 3 people. Once you hit submit, the application form will be sent to us and we will send you (1) $150 USD payment request through PayPal for up to 3 personal memberships. Please use this form for all your personal membership submissions, so that we can match the people to your business.


We will contact you for your logo to put on our website, once we receive the membership payment.


If you would prefer to complete a mail-in application, please go to the membership page and click on the mail-in submission form.


*See terms and details at the end of this application.




Do you want us to display your logo and contact information on our website?

Are you a current or previous skier or snowboarder?

Do you typically ride with foot-skis or without foot-skis?

What platform of SkiBike do you ride regularly? (check all that apply)

If you could not ride a SkiBike of any platform, would you be skiing or snowboarding?:

What are your main decision factors for choosing a ski area to go to?: (check all that apply)

Are you a current or previous member of the American SkiBike Association?:

Do you usually go on Ski/SkiBike trips alone or with family/friends or with a group?:

If you travel with family/friends/group, do they SkiBike, Snowboard, or Ski?: (check all that apply)

Have you ever attended any of the SkiBike Events or Festivals in past years?: (check all that apply)

What type of SkiBikes do you own?: (check all that apply)

During SkiBike Events and Festivals, are you interested in participating in races and competitions?:




*Terms and agreement:

By completing this form and requesting a business membership, you agree to all terms and conditions stated below. Business membership is good for 1 year from date of application and payment. Business memberships are not transferable and are $150 USD per year. Business memberships can contain up to 3 members. Please submit 1 business application per business member. We will never sell or share your personal information with a 3rd party. We will share other non-personal information provided to help create better opportunities and experiences with ski areas, SkiBike vendors and manufacurers. We will also use other non-personal information provided to use as informational leverage to open up new ski areas to SkiBiking, remove current restrictions, and open up special offers or incentives.


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